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Clean out your old Fall wardrobe and earn some cash!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Clean out your old Fall wardrobe and earn some cash!

Most consignment shops started collecting Fall clothing August 1st. Take advantage of this opportunity to practice “out with the old” and earn some cash or earn store credit and “in with the new!”

My favorite shop is A Second Look on 32nd St & Shea. If you need help with what to bring back in, contact Dana Lam at “Does This Ponytail Make My Butt Look Big” for closet makeover tips.

Make sure what you keep in your space is worth taking up that space!

Contact Brenda at Sorted for more information


A Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010
If your like most women I know you have peered into your closet full of items and thought….I have nothing to wear. I have some suggestions to alleviate some of your pain.

1. Organize your clothes by season and rotate them. Its now getting into Fall and Winter so start moving your summer items to the back of your closet as the weather cools down. Then your not browsing clothes you wont be wearing and when you bring your Spring and Summer clothes back out again it seems fresh.

2. Go through your closet seasonally. At least twice a year. Honestly ask yourself these questions. Is this in style? Does it fit me? Do I love it? Is it still in good condition? If the answer is no to any of these then get rid of it. Toss it, donate it or consign it.

3. Classics are always great to keep around and you can always keep them updated by adding a new accessory such as a belt or some fabulous jewelry.

4. Every season browse the fashion magazines for the current trends. Buy a few key pieces to update your wardrobe for the season.

May your closet always be full of just the right items for you to go forth looking fabulous!