Why does the camera add 10 pounds?

More than once recently I’ve primped and dressed. Added the best accessories and shoes and before walking out the door did a quick check in the mirror. I looked fabulous and felt thin. Thin for me anyway. Days later a friend emails me pictures of the night and I wonder who the heck is that in the picture. It wasn’t the body I left my home in. How is it I left looking fabulous but by the time I reached my destination I became a fat cow with 3 chins?

So I decided to do some checking on line and discovered that it wasn’t me at all. It was the photographer. My friends are not good photographers and they don’t know how to use lighting to give the best effect. To be fair I probably don’t take the best pictures of them either.

Lighting is very important in taking pictures. Light can cast shadows to contour and make curves that flatter and hide unwanted areas or it can accentuate them. It can also smooth out lines and wrinkles on the face or it can make a face look like a street map.

So the next time you see an unflattering picture of yourself just know you look fabulous and it must be the bad lighting or photographer.

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