Business Casual Dress

What exactly does office casual mean? I think people have become a little lazy and gone to the extreme. Office casual doesn’t mean thrashed jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts or flip flops. Showing too much thigh or cleavage doesn’t make a good impression either. Maybe think twice about 5 inch heals.

Nothing beats a beautifully tailored suit. In the workplace this can really exude power. You can tone this down some if you want with tailored pants and nice jacket. Showing your bra straps or panties is definitely a no-no. Think about how productive you are when you are dressed professionally compared to when you are dressed more casually. When people are dressed casual they are more relaxed and probably not at the top of their game. Just because its casual Friday and everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. Keep your standards high and stay professional.

My husband always comments about how people dressed in the past. Look at in the 50’s and 60’s people would dress up to fly on an airplane and to go to church. Now where is our society going? Airplanes, church and Broadway are perfectly fine locations to be casual. I personally enjoy being in the company of well dressed people. If you don’t respect yourself by taking care of your image who else will give you the respect you deserve? I think we should have dress up Fridays!

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