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Dressing For Your Body Type ~ Pear

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I watched a show on television today where they brought out a petite women who had lost 140 pounds. It was amazing the transformation. I felt a little sad for her though because she could have a chosen an outfit to be on National Television that would have been more flattering. She had a pear shaped body and she was

Wearing black pants and swirly top that was black and purple on the top and black and white on the bottom. She was pear shaped and your eyes immediately went to the white area. This also happened to be the widest part of her body.

An easy quick tip for the pear shaped body would be to draw the attention and focus away from the lower stomach, hip and thigh area. Do not do anything that will draw attention to this area. A low hanging belt a scarf can also add pounds and draw attention to that area. May sure patterns and bold areas are kept closer to your face. Bold earrings and jewelry can also draw attention away from you’re areas you want to conceal.

Wide leg pants can also draw the attention away. Solid dark colors on the bottom and prints on the top can balance out your body. Don’t wear tight tops on the bottom wear something that is flowing. I hope these tips have helped you. Stay tuned for more great tips and tele-classes that will be available so that you can achieve your best image and go out into the world more confidently.

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