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Dressing for the Job Interview

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

You only get one chance at making a great first impression. It’s so important to dress professionally for an interview as the first impression will be based on how you look. Even if the work environment is casual you should always look your best.

You are selling yourself. You are the product, so create the best packaging possible. Dressing better won’t guarantee you the job but it will insure you’re in the running.

Tips for both men and women:

  • Light perfume or cologne.
  • Hands nicely manicured.
  • Neat and professional hairstyle. Up to date.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercings
  • Don’t chew gum but pop in a breath mint before you go in.
  • Clothes should be neatly pressed or fresh from the cleaners.
  • Be sure your cell phone is shut off.

For Men:

  • Well fitting suit.
  • Long sleeve white shirt or well coordinated color.
  • Belt that matches shoes.
  • Don’t clip your phone to your belt.
  • Tie that matches your suit.
  • Be sure that your shoes are polished.
  • Match your socks to your shoes not your pants.
  • Only a wedding band no other jewelry.

For Women:

  • A well fitting suit/dress or skirt and blouse.
  • Be sure that your skirt isn’t too short. Check how you look and feel when sitting down.
  • Conservative shoes. No platform or stilettos.
  • Conservative yet well coordinated jewelry.
  • Beware of dangly bracelets and being noisy or distracting.
  • If you wear pantyhose keep it neutral and as close to your natural skin tone as possible.
  • Never wear open toe or sandals with pantyhose.
  • Make-up is important but should be conservative for daytime.

Your clothes make a statement about you. What is the image you want the world to see? It is better to err on the side of too dressy than too casual.