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Never Shop on Price Alone

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Ok so first hear me out on this. I love a great deal just as much as the next person. Finding that beautiful white leather St. John coat for 90% off made my day. I loved the coat before I knew what a great deal it was. What I’m trying to say is that you’re better off purchasing fewer items that you love than purchasing items that are ok just because they are a bargain.

If you have a pair of pants that were ok but a great deal at $10 but you only wear them once is that a good deal? What about a pair of amazing pants that fit you great that you purchase for $100 and you wear all the time because the go with everything. So if you wear them 20 that’s only $5 per wear. Which is a better deal?

I recommend that when you’re out shopping you select items to try on without looking at their tags. You don’t need to know how much it is right now. Just focus on items that catch your eye. As you’re trying on you’ll have two piles, one for the items you like and another for items you don’t. When you’re done trying items on you will then review the items you like and decide which ones you liked the most. Now you can look at the price of each item. You may also want to take the items to a price scanner in the store or to a cashier to verify if any of the items are on sale. So when deciding which items to purchase take the amount of money you’ve budgeted and be sure to stay within that when making your selections.

Never go into debt for fashion. Purchase the best quality products that you can afford. I recently went shopping with a client who only shopped on sale. This resulted in her having a closet full of clothes that weren’t fabulous. She didn’t love them nor did she feel fabulous in them. We went shopping and her instructions were to not look at the price tags. She decided to purchase everything she tried on that day that she loved. When we were checking out she said she couldn’t believe she was going to purchase a blouse for $89. She usually would not have even tried on an item at that price. However she loved the way this blouse made her feel. It fit her great and was the perfect color for her skin tone. To her delight the blouse was on sale for only $19 it just wasn’t marked on the tag. This scenario was repeated for several of the items. She was elated and will never shop the way she used to.

So remember to shop for how items look and make you feel and not based on price.