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Can Wearing Pretty Lingerie Make You Feel More Confident?

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

I have to say that I’ve gone through different phases in my life with regards to lingerie. In my 20’s my undergarments were amazing. I spent so much money at Victoria Secret and everything had to match, always. An ex of mine was from Europe and he couldn’t believe how inexpensive our lingerie was here in the US. Most European women put a lot of time, money and thought into their undergarments.

I do have to say that after being married for many years and being a mom that I allowed both my sleepwear and my lingerie to lose its pizzazz. I don’t know why or how this happened. It was slowly over time. As I was packing for a business trip I realized that I would be embarrassed for anyone to see my less than glamorous boudoir apparel.

The solution was to practice what I preach with my clients. I went through my under garments and sleepwear and threw away everything that no longer served me. Wow it was a lot. This forced me to purchase some new items that made me glamorous and sexy.

I had forgotten how great I feel lounging around my bedroom in some cute pajamas. I think I sleep better.

Here are some things that I discovered from wearing nice lingerie.

  1. I feel sexier and more confident just knowing that I’m wearing something nice and pretty.
  2. I feel as though I have a secret that no one else knows what I’m wearing under my clothes.
  3. I like wearing it for me. So what if no one else sees it or if my husband doesn’t notice. It makes me feel special and I’m worth it.

We recently stopped at Anastasia’s, Bath Body Boudoir for our VIP Fashion Tour and everyone appreciated the beauty of the store and the beautiful garments. Some of the comments I heard people say were things like “I love this I just wish I had someone to wear it for” or “I would get this if I had a better body”. Ladies what I would say to that is dress for yourself and no one else. If you don’t have anyone special to show off your garments for there is nothing like being prepared for the future. Love and appreciate the body your in today. We can be our worse critics. Realize that goddesses come in all shapes and sizes.